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Data Analytics and Governance

Good data analysis that provides insights into your patient population can only be done if your data is relevant and accurate. ZTS enables your organization to integrate data from diverse sources into a single repository. If we accept the assertion that healthcare is a knowledge delivery industry – that is, the application of specialized skills and knowledge, along with specialized tools – it is our obligation to exploit the data assets in our environment to augment and optimize that knowledge and those skills.

ZTS helps your organization with the tools and knowledge to have good data governance and stewardship, which:

  • gives visibility into how data is collected to represent workflows across different systems. This has become a goldmine for analytics. Data analytics with good data stewardship can shave days’ worth of time (and cost) off the report development process.
  • shows how processes are documented, and where to find the data that might otherwise get overlooked.
  • provides credibility to the data by ensuring that all possible locations to find and mine data from source systems are available for data analysis.

Having accurate data available in one location would provide the analyst with the ability to build a more complete picture of patients and their care.

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