Integrated Care Delivery Platform (ICDP)

Helping care organizations succeed with the new value-based care models

The accountable care organization (ACO) concept, an integral piece of the government’s current health reform agenda, aims to create a health system focused on coordinated care and clinical best practices by holding all members of a patient’s care team jointly responsible for the quality and cost of care and by sharing the economic gains with them. Providers are working to have the infrastructure in place to implement the model that meets the requirements of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rule for bundled payments and ACO qualifications.

The ACO model is built upon the concept of cross-provider care coordination-requiring improved communication and coordination across the community. As a separate legal entity, the ACO would actively oversee and coordinate best practices among these providers to improve clinical outcomes while rewarding the system for preventative care and reducing waste in such areas as duplicative procedures and avoidable hospital admissions. ACOs will oversee participating entities to administer payment distribution and enhance the efficiency of service delivery.

Integrated Care Delivery Platform (ICDP) has been purpose-built to fulfill the needs of value-based care organizations such as ACO, DSRIP and any combination that reimburses providers based on performance and/or value. ICDP enables the following key capabilities:

  • Identify Risk – Stratify – Determine target outcomes – Associate with risk segmented populations
  • Improve positive clinical outcomes by designing, implementing and monitoring programs for targeted high risk segment of patients.
  • Shift from volume based to value based care outcome models
  • Measure Quality of Service and Provider performance
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