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Population Health Management

Population Health Management is foundational to a healthcare organization’s strategy to transform its delivery system. ICDP’s Population Health Management module is one of its kind that aggregates and assesses data from all available data sources to manage the health of your patient populations. Use our Population Health Management module to:

  • Stratify your patients based on risk and needs and understand gaps in care and opportunities for improving outcomes
  • Use predictive algorithms to predict future cost, hospitalization, resource use
  • Review cost and utilization patterns and identify drivers of clinical and financial risk
  • Understand disease prevalence, co-morbidities and their influence on resource utilization
  • Identify target outcomes; associate them with risk segmented populations and design care management programs to manage populations
  • View integrated patient profiles aggregated from all available sources

Powerful Data Exchange

ICDP Population Health Management includes the industry’s most flexible data aggregation engine that can ingest and exchange data with a variety of data sources in multiple formats. If you have a proprietary data source that you need integrated into ICDP, we have you covered!

Next Generation Analytics

Wrangling with spreadsheets? Not getting the insights you need from your data?

With an analytical model purpose-built for healthcare that powers our ad-hoc analytics engine, ICDP allows your staff to gain insights into data in ways not possible before. Go beyond reports and lists – unleash the power of data at the point of care.

Actionable Insights

“An idea is as good as it is implemented”.

ICDP goes beyond traditional Population Health Management capabilities by offering insights that are actionable by staff within your organization or your network.

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