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Outcomes Management

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. (Bill Reddin)

ICDP Metrics Profiler is a rich data integration and analytics platform that aggregates clinical, financial and administrative data across the organization to offer unprecedented visibility and control over the operations of a care organization. Using ICDP Metric Profiler, care organizations can:

  • Establish baselines and track key performance indicators to orchestrate clinical and financial outcomes; proactively identify areas for improvement and track program effectiveness to adjust operational strategies
  • Set productivity targets, monitor and measure workforce productivity by site, provider or specialty at an individual, group, facility or enterprise level
  • Track appointments; understand service utilization patterns, types of appointments, statuses such as no-shows to plan budgets and resource allocation
  • Get visibility into the end-to-end revenue cycle management to understand revenue by payer mixes, A/R cycles, claim rejections and related follow-up
  • Analyze revenue streams and expenses to determine service line profitability; this helps with planning future growth/expansion strategy and with rate setting during contract negotiations with managed care plans
  • Capture, track and report on core clinical, evidence-based care or other commercial pay-for-performance (P4P) measures critical for your organization with the ability to configure and track custom organization-specific metrics
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