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Patient Engagement

There is a growing amount of data available demonstrating that when patients become active participants in their care, they are more inclined and motivated to assume responsibility for managing their own health. When that happens, the results are better outcomes for the patient, and lower costs and better performance for care organizations.

ICDP Patient Engagement Platform enables care organizations to implement patient outreach, self-management tools and education programs that empower patients to take an active role in managing their care. The following are some of the key capabilities that ICDP’s Patient Engagement module enables your staff to:

  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments, important tests or procedures using a choice of call, email and/or text alerts, customizable based on patient’s preference and privacy
  • Enhance and leverage your preventive care and disease management strategy by automating reminders for annual visit reminders or condition-specific appointments to increasing patient visits while meeting/exceeding MCO evidence-based care measures
  • Integrated support of tools for patient self-management such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, activity trackers
  • Leverage the power of mHealth and patient home devices in engaging patients outside your office setting and improving patient self-management
  • Enable secure communication between the patient and members of care team
  • Educate and empower patients and their caregivers through access to context-specific, multi-lingual educational material, directories for local support systems
  • Prepare for virtual office visits and new revenue models through the teleconference capabilities enabled through ICDP
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