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We help you achieve better outcomes by empowering your provider partners. Using claims data you can help them understand how they are doing with specific outcomes and help them do a better job of managing gaps in care for their patients.

Claims do not have all the data. You need to supplement claims data with what the provider may have in the EMR. We offer tools to help you integrate provider data easily.

Many plans try to use a generic BI tool. These simply do not have health care intelligence. We help you offer better analytics that relates directly to your populations. This intelligence is essential to better outcomes.

A care program focused on reducing admissions could be very different from a care program focused on managing patients with chronic conditions or a program following up on patients with depression. The outreach, measures for success vary from program to program. You can create multiple programs in ICDP each to manage a population with specific needs and goals. We have the specific functionality to configure individual programs for individual population needs using a simple configuration process. This powerful capability can be dramatically effective and save you hundreds of hours per each population.