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For Provider Organizations

We help you manage and succeed with your managed care and value-based care contracts. Each health system/provider organization typically works with multiple managed care plans. Each has a unique contract with a unique set of patients, expected outcomes and metrics, and incentives/reimbursement models. You need to track all of this and consolidate it for your organization.

ICDP was built specifically for providers who work with multiple plans. We understand the complexity and issues around this and tame your data.

We manage gaps in care and help you not only close those gaps but document that you have addressed them so they don’t show up again on a list next month. Managing lists that are not designed for this is a complete waste of effort resulting in “alert/list fatigue” for a staff and poor outcomes for your patients.

We look at your patient population and understand who is accessing care and not accessing care. This helps you identify patients at risk and helps you manage these patients in specific programs that reduce risk and control potential future costs.

A care program focused on reducing admissions could be very different from a care program focused on managing patients with chronic conditions or a program following up on patients with depression. The outreach, measures for success vary from program to program. You can create multiple programs in ICDP each to manage a population with specific needs and goals. We have the specific functionality to configure individual programs for individual population needs using a simple configuration process. This powerful capability can be dramatically effective and save you hundreds of hours per each population

This all requires aggregating and normalizing data cross multiple providers and plans. While this sounds easy it can be very complex. We manage that complexity for you.